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Just Go Sell!

Colin Knowles

Do you ever get frustrated when your prospects walk away as non-buyers when you know your product was perfect for them? Do you get too many clients walking away needing to think it over, then never return? Do you sometimes wish that building relationships with your clients was a little easier? Do you get disappointed when one too many clients suffer from buyers remorse and cancel their order a few days later? Are you new to sales and need a starting point? Have you just started your own business and the thought of having to sell makes you uneasy?

Gain confidence and unlock your sales potential in this simple to read, no nonsense and practical guide to successful selling.

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Colin Knowles has worked in sales for more than twenty-five years and has exceeded required targets in multiple industries, including timeshare, financial sector, outside cold marketing, and electric sales. An expert in face-to-face selling, podium selling, and telesales, he was recognized as the top sales closer worldwide, by one of the leading brands in the global timeshare industry and he has shared his know how to help other sellers achieve similar success.
While still active in direct sales, Colin has also held multiple management positions and has been responsible for training, mentoring, and coaching salespeople. As a professional sales coach he has conducted independent sales seminars for both general admission and individual organization audiences with various coaching needs as well as personalized to coaching.
Colin and his wife, Jennifer, currently reside in Spain, where they own a sales and business consulting company. He also owns, an online community for sales professionals to share their best practices and develop their sales skills. Just Go Sell! is his first book.