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How to Die

Dany van der Sterre

This book will help you face your life and eventual death. It'll mix some cynicism, humor, philosophy and a set of dead-serious questions for you to answer. Through exercises and experiments - like visiting a graveyard, burning stuff you don't need or want, and deciding who you want to hang around with in your life - you'll find out for yourself what you deem most important, and who or what is worth spending your (life)time with.

Dying is not only the inevitable ending of your life, it's also a lifestyle (or deathstyle) of being really honest with yourself and the people around you. It's also about gratitude for what you have and peace with whatever you don't have.

This book will guide you through your life and towards your eventual death. It will provide you with questions you might not even want to ask yourself and help you find answers for them.

Let's figure this one thing out: how do you want to die?

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I'm Dany; born in 1996, raised in Heemskerk and I currently live in the Netherlands. I grew up in a loving family of eight with my parents, sister and brothers. They inspired me, moved me, tested my patience, laughed with me, loved me, prayed for me and fought with me on all our adventures called life.

Currently, I'm a philosophy student and writer and I'm wondering how we deal with the concept of our own and other people's mortality.

How to Die is an experimental philosophy combining death (and life) with a touch of relativity, cynicism and absurdity.