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Compression of Depression

Tom Wilkins

One man is making a stand. Mental health is just as important as physical health, yet all too often, it is overlooked, neglected, and rarely discussed. In Compression of Depression, Tom Wilkins openly shares his experiences of depression and offers help and advice to others that may be walking the same path. No two journeys on the path-that-no-one-wants-to-tread are ever the same; however, the biggest obstacle that is common to most is the reluctance to admit that it's OK not to be OK. In an age where social media dominates most of our lives and unfavourable comparisons to others' ‘perfect' post-worthy lives can negatively impact our sense of worth, Tom explores the reasons behind his struggles and offers guidance to those fighting depression, as well as their families and friends, as he encourages us all not to suffer in silence.

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Tom lives in Staffordshire in the West Midlands, in the UK. After leaving school, he went to college to study carpentry and followed in his brother's and father's footsteps, working as a carpenter in the refurbishment industry. After seven years, Tom left the building trade to turn a hobby into a career and successfully became a personal trainer. It was during the Covid-19 outbreak and the subsequent lockdown that Tom decided to use the extra time and turn his hand to writing. In a time of turmoil for us all, he wanted to use this time to try to help people and hopefully put a positive spin on this negative time. With his writing, Tom wishes to motivate and inspire those in a dark place, to show that we all have the power to achieve anything we desire as long as we believe in ourselves.