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Becoming French

Lisa Webb

Moving to a new house is stressful enough. Imagine, then, moving to a new country.
That's what Lisa and Kevin did.
A job transfer to France meant leaving the familiarity of Canada for life in a foreign country. Not the easiest thing, especially when you don't speak the language.
At first reluctantly and full of doubt, Lisa arrives in Paris with Kevin. Mourning the distance of family and friends, she sets about getting to know the country that is to be their home for the next five years.
Language and cultural barriers give rise to numerous challenging, and often hilarious, situations.
But following the births of their daughters and a move to the countryside, Lisa slowly gains a sense of belonging which, five years earlier, she hadn't thought possible.

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Lisa Webb has been writing as a Canadian Expat Mom for many years, across many continents. She's the author of the series The Kids Who Travel the World and the editor and publisher of the anthologies Once Upon an Expat and Life on the Move, which have been a platform for brave and courageous women to share their stories of living abroad. Lisa is using her experience as a global citizen to connect to women across Canada and beyond, through her heart-centred company, Wine, Women & Well-Being.