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Once in a Lifetime

Noel Thomson

Born into poverty, Tommy bought himself up and starting running with the wrong crowd until a social worker and police officer offered him an amazing opportunity. He was an extremely shrewd and independent young man who dreamed of making a better life for himself so grabbed the opportunity on offer.

Fostered by a loving family, his life took a turn for the better as he finally began to understand what a loving family unit looked like.

Businessman, husband, father and friend. Life was good!

Challenges, triumphs, happiness and loss - Tommy faced them all with strength and dignity. Throughout his life he lived by his mantra, carpe diem, but to what cost?

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Born and bred in Leeds on a street called Torre Mount (pronounced Torrie).

I always had faith that out of the bad times, good ones are waiting just around the corner, keep the faith and you won't go wrong and just keep on believing and you'll get there or thereabouts. Twenty odd years ago I moved to London and began working in a very exclusive apartment block on Chelsea Harbour. It was there that I was to have daily dealings with mega celebs who treated all of the staff almost as their equals (does wonders for your confidence). These days I live a simple life and enjoy writing.