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Pretty on the Outside

Ninette Vosloo

Rocket and her friends Marco, Frank and his girlfriend attend a carnival to climb an old disused roller coaster. This has not been their first crazy stunt in search for adrenaline.

After their climb, Rocket decides to hang around at the carnival and enjoy some of the less treacherous things the place has to offer.

While roaming around the carnival Rocket meets a young girl called Sachi. At that moment she never thought that this wide-eyed girl with pink hair would lead her on such an unexpected adventure. However, Sachi is not quite as she appears, as Rocket would soon discover.

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Ninette Vosloo's novels are sweet, action-packed fantasies. Her characters are witty and fearless, who go on crazy adventures and get themselves into the most unlikely situations; whereas in real life, Ninette is a sucker for binge watching an entire series in one night and sleeping till noon. Let's face it. She wouldn't last five minutes in one of her books. She lives in South Africa with her husband and the dogs, where she likes to occasionally bake.