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The Weed Man

Nicola J John

Look out! Look out! There are weeds about.

Following his retirement as a top-ranking Secret Service agent in Her Majesty's government, Professor Gethin David Weedall becomes bored with the tedium of everyday life in suburbia. He misses both the glamour and the danger associated with the assignments which took him to virtually every corner of the globe. 007 had a potent rival.

What to do? The prof simply didn't know. Then while strolling through his extensive gardens he had a flash of inspiration. WEEDS. Yes of course. WEEDS. Though somewhat unusual, this would become his passion. He would conquer all weeds despoiling his beautifully manicured lawns... to his wife, Sally Anne's dismay and the loss of intimacy she still craved for.

Unfortunately, things don't go quite to plan as he runs out of his favourite weedkiller, Devitas. And when Internet shopping goes awry, life becomes complicated. Very complicated.

Read the hilarious misadventures of the hapless professor. And enjoy!

‘A delightful and heart-warming tale about one man's obsession with his garden. With hilarious consequences.' Dr Glyn R John (Industrial Chemist)

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Nicola J John is a native of the fishing port of Aberaeron, west Wales. Educated at the local comprehensive school, she went on to gain an honours degree in science and education at University College, Cardiff, followed by a post graduate qualification in public and media relations.

Thereafter, she taught at several primary schools before setting up her own consultancy business and involvement with the National Lottery (Wales) and Welsh Water (Dŵr Cymru).

From an early age and with a love of Enid Blyton's book, The Magic Faraway Tree, and inspired by her late grandmother, she long harboured a secret desire to one day write something memorable herself.

Freed from the shackles of motherhood, and inspired by her husband's twin brother and his obsession with weeds despoiling his beautifully manicured lawns, she finally put pen to paper. The result lies within these pages.

She has two daughters, Bethan and Lucy.