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Stories About George

Nick Morrice

George Bond, a high-spirited eleven year old, dreams of becoming a warrior and leading a more adventurous life. With the help of his close friends, adventures seem to come their way naturally, but their warrior abilities are taxed to the limit as they take on villains and thieves, wild water, angry farmers and a haunted house.

George's vivid nocturnal dreams come to life in increasingly bizarre ways. They take him to worlds in which famous real and mythological figures, from Leonardo da Vinci to James Bond, the Minotaur to the Buddha, make unexpected appearances. Uncle Stanley's time-machine transports all six warriors to distant lands and times, in the past and future, where they have many extraordinary and life-changing encounters.

These twenty stories about four boys and two girls, starting in the Yorkshire Dales but extending into faraway exotic countries, will undoubtedly entertain and inspire young readers.


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After a career in teaching, Nick Morrice took early retirement and is now pursuing a second career as a writer.