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The Scent

Nick Kenefick

Taken! Old enough to survive, young enough to have his morality reset. Orphaned and stolen from his father's African mission, he is forced into a life of brutality and violence.

He survives. He excels.

A decade later, a different continent, a better life. Reflex skills, learnt as a man-child through necessity, refined by the Special Forces. Yet unexplained events unfold and unwillingly he is thrust right back into a dark world of deceit and conflict. Desperately pursued across London by a powerful and ruthless corporation without limits.

Different world, same rules! But who should be afraid of whom?

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Nick Kenefick is forty-seven-years old and lives with his wife and three children in Devon on the south coast of England. For the last twenty years, he has worked as a surgeon in emergency and general surgery. This is his first fiction novel.

"Writing this book has brought me incredible joy and my sincere hope is that some of that enjoyment is passed on to its readers."