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Time, Light, and Other Myths

Mikki Palti

Welcome to the sprawling metropolis that is New Devon, where the sun rarely shines, it rains almost constantly, no one lives past thirty, and nothing is what it seems.

Teddy, a near thirty-year-old petty criminal who has just escaped from prison, hopes to turn his back on crime and see out his last days virtuously.

Rosie is the teenage heir to the Hewgood fortune but spends her time injecting drugs and desperately searching for some sense of reality.

Daniel is a brilliant young scientist living in the forest where he and his secret community attempt to work out the secrets of New Devon and how to overcome them.

Sam lives alone on her farm with only two cows for company but yearns for an adventure to knock on her front door.

All will find what they are looking for. None will be ready for what happens next.

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Mikki Palti is a third-generation writer from Melbourne, Australia. His theatre credits include Neil Simon's Brighton Beach Memoirs, Richard III, The Prince of Egypt, Into the Woods, Cosi, and as Cyrano De Bergerac at Victorian Top Class and Top Acts for excellence in theatre performance. Mikki has hosted a radio show for Radio Monash and has written several editorial pieces for various outlets. He combines his creative mind and theatrical heart in this new adventure: Time, Light, and Other Myths.