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The De-Callen Chronicles

C.R. Clarke

Two worlds exist at the same time but only one of these worlds knows this.
Karl and Tom suddenly discover that although they live on Earth, they were sent there many years ago to keep them safe from those who wished them great harm. But they have been found and their uncle must now get them back, with the sister they never knew they had, to their own world.
Adventures, good and bad, follow them as they travel back to Elemtum, meet their father and discover why they had to be sent away in the first place.
Battles take place on Elemtum and Earth, people die, others live, until the boys and their family win the day.

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C R Clarke has been known as Nobby since he was a boy soldier in the British Army Air Corps. He is married with two sons and a grandson, and lives happily in Suffolk, England. He has been a stevedore, a terminal supervisor in the docks, a truck driver, a police community support officer during the Ipswich murders, as well as the store supervisor for the Suffolk and Norfolk Constabularies. His final throw at work was as a care assistant with the East of England Ambulance Service for four years until he was diagnosed in December 2018 with motor neurone disease (MND), putting an end to his ambulance career. He has now turned his skills to writing with his first book, The De-Callen Chronicles.