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Memoirs of a Country Doctor

Peter Paterson-Brown

Learning on the job as a newly qualified doctor, unsure of many aspects of my role, meant some problems with communication and I encountered births and deaths and in between found my feet. Patients, young and old, delightful and difficult, and colleagues presented challenges to be met, both medical and otherwise. From a toddler with a mysterious illness, to a young rascal with a hook in his hand from poaching, a philandering colleague and an elderly lady who wanted to rewrite her will, I had to cope with them all - not to mention the arrival of modern technology.

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The author is a retired doctor. His father, two uncles (one was once an assistant in a practice in Hawick) and a cousin, were also doctors.

He was married to his wife June (also a doctor) for over fifty years (her great uncle was once a GP in Hawick).

Of his four children, two are doctors. Three of his grandchildren have also followed down the medical path.