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Travelling Light Legends of an Indian Fakir

Naginder Sehmi

Go along with Baba Nanak, an Indian fakir of the fifteenth century, who travelled through strange lands extending from Arabia to Tibet and Afghanistan to Sri Lanka for twenty-four years. He encountered demons, magicians, cannibal-kings, magician-queens, thieves, and malefactors of all kinds and taught them how live correctly. The real hero is his companion Mardana, who is funny and entertaining and always finds his way into trouble. Baba Nanak rescues him with captivating, fascinating, miraculous and magical ways. For parents, these tales, rich in moral teachings and extraordinary humorous anecdotes, are perfect for narrating at bedtime.

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NAGINDER SINGH SEHMI graduated from Trinity College, Dublin University in 1963 where he studied history, geography, psychology and public administration. Then he obtained a postgraduate diploma in hydrology and water resources in Prague and served as hydrologist in the Kenya Ministry for Water and then in the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) for 27 years. From a young age he questioned the utility of religious traditions, especially in the Sikh community. In the light of his technical and scientific knowledge, he was convinced that most of the religious practices had seriously deviated from writings of the founders, in particular Nanak Dev, the first guru of the Sikhs. The only way Naginder could demonstrate this was to know and make known what Nanak has written in his 974 songs. By translating these songs into French, he has offered a suitable tool to the French-speaking community in general and to academic researchers, using a platform that he believes could guide the world towards a just path.