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Flame Bound Trilogy: The Return of The Phoenix

Nadyne Lozowski

The phoenix is a mythical creature, as are werewolves, vampires and witches. Or are they real?
It's not difficult to imagine these are real creatures, living amongst us on Earth.
What happens when a phoenix, believed to be the only one in existence, has to return to Earth to carry out an ancient promise for a witch? Can she get close to and work for an extremely powerful werewolf, a lycanthrope? How will he react when he meets her for the first time? What if they are meant to be together? Will they become the world's most powerful couple?
How will other so-called mythical creatures react to the presence on Earth of an extremely powerful phoenix?
Carnage ensues as the different creatures fight for supremacy. Who and what will survive?

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My name is Nadyne Lozowski and I am a thirty-year-old South African woman of Polish lineage. I recently worked for a short-term insurance company here in South Africa in their finance dept. However, like you, I have always dreamed big and have been obsessed with reading. After many books and many years later, I have decided to try give my own book a go as none of the ones I have previously read have ever ended how I would have predicated them to or, rather, prefer them too, LOL. So, I am just your ordinary human, living an ordinary life, reaching for my dreams, as you should do too, and I hope this book will serve as inspiration to many in hopes of pursuing your dreams. No matter how impossible it may seem, you can do it. Always have faith in yourself, you will never know what you are capable of until you try. This is the same example I hope to teach my five-year-old little girl as I am a single mum reaching for a better and brighter future for both of us.