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  • Success, Opulence and Power

    Hebru Young

    Eddie Dominguez finds himself detained in a maximum security prison facing multiple charges. The judge is looking to make a name for himself and the prosecution is desperate to win their first high-profile case. He has to keep his enemies at bay and maintain peace in his household. His reputation is tarnished, he's under pressure to repair the damage that his arrest has caused and fight against charges that th


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  • A New Menace

    Roger A. Price

    Newly retired from the Serious and Organised Crime Agency, John Burrows is shocked to be called back by his old bosses for one last job. And not just any job – he's on the tail of his old adversary, the infamous Jonny Moon, a dangerous and volatile criminal who will stop at nothing to get his own way. When a civilian is kidnapped and tortured by Moon's associates after a botche


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