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The Not So Silent World of Danny Valentine Rocker

Mitchell Levene

Having lost his hearing completely by the age of ten, Danny Valentine-Rocker's extraordinary lip-reading skills are employed simultaneously by the British Government's MI6 to obtain sensitive information in the interest of national security, and by a glossy gossip magazine to appease the general public's insatiable appetite for controversy (as well as that of his fame-obsessed mother). His talents also help form the fabric of his relationship with the deaf twins, Molly and Declan McCracken, who he met while studying at Manchester University in the 1990s. Deafness and Danny's skills are not only responsible for creating a seemingly unbreakable bond but, after tragedy strikes, they also play a large part in its destruction.

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Born in London in 1962, Mitchell Levene travelled and lived around the world for ten years in the 1980s, with the sole intention of having a good time, perfecting the art of doing nothing and generally getting away with it. He's lived in Barcelona, Spain, since 1990, running a successful small company and is apparently still getting away with it.
He published his first novel, Breakfast in Bombay, in 2008, based on one of his own adventures: it's a wry and witty tale that tips its hat to Howard Marks' Mr Nice and Gregory David Roberts' Shantaram, and with more than a mere nod to Midnight Express.