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Herbie Derbie and the Wo Wo Werbie Men: Mystery of the Sneeze Juice Potion

Miss Witchypoo

The Werbie Men are tiny people, forced to live underground to avoid being trodden on or used as fish bait by the ghastly long-legged people of Wo Wo Village.

But what happens when a young Werbie wishes to make a life-saving potion which requires an ingredient he can only obtain from a human?

The Sneeze Juice Potion has never been made by the Werbie Men before, as no one has dared risk their lives to obtain the dreadful ingredients. Find out what happens when Herbie Derbie and his friends risk life and limb to make the most dangerous potion the world has ever seen.

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Miss Witchypoo lives in Martinborough, New Zealand, and writes stories for children who believe in magic. She lives in a big old house with several cats to help keep away the monsters at night. Every evening she places a small thimble of milk on the doorstep for the Werbie Men who live in her garden and help weed it at night. Her favourite foods are banana sandwiches and strawberry bonbons.

She has three rules for living:
1. Be kind to yourself
2. Be kind to others
3. Be especially kind to all creatures