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Where Skill and Courage Count

Mike Rees

In this gripping and interesting book, Mike Rees outlines the extraordinary courage, skill and accomplishments of high-profile sportsmen and women during the Second World War (1939-1945). Mike Rees traces the development of these sports stars in the interwar years, and shows how the war affected them, as well as their families and indeed, the team they played for before (usually) joining up to fight against the fascists.
This is an important, educational, and highly accomplished book that is profound, moving and heart-warming and should make for reading in all educational institutions past the primary school level.
Boxing, cricket, rugby, football and athletics are all given a chance to shine; the heroes of those fields, creases, rings and tracks deserve the acknowledgement they get in this well-researched masterpiece.

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Mike Rees was educated at Newbridge Grammar School and is a history graduate of UCW Aberystwyth where he was awarded both BA and MA degrees. He also studied at Leeds Polytechnic and Goldsmiths College, University of London. Mike worked as an administrator in the National Health Service before spending thirty years as a teacher. He retired as Deputy Head of West Monmouth School, Pontypool in 2012. Mike now regularly gives talks to local history groups and serves as treasurer to the Gwent Branch of the Western Front Association. When he is not reading his many history, sport or music books, strumming his guitar or following, from the comfort of an armchair, all the major sporting events, Mike enjoys spending time with his family. He lives in Newport and is married with two children, and two young grandsons. This is his second book.