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Girl Got Game 

Michelle Mitchell

The founder and creator of Glamor Hippie, a lifestyle blog that has helped inspire thousands of people across the globe to live a more meaningful and passionate life. In her debut book, Michelle has taken sharing her journey a step further to write her deep and personal memoir.

Girl Got Game is an insightful collection of essays on living a life with purpose, passion and the right amount of grit and determination to succeed. Through a blend of personal stories, narrative and advice, Michelle takes the reader on a journey full of insights, laughter, and inspiration.

Girl Got Game is a passionate, inspiring and motivational story for anyone who wants more from life - written for those wanting their legacy to have meaning and for those who want to know how to play the game!

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Michelle is the kind of person you need to introduce to your friends before they meet her; without the necessary explanation, one can feel perplexed by the woman standing in front of them.
She is an incredible author, with her bestselling book Girl Got Game hitting the literary world in 2020.
She was the co-host of the Frankie and Michelle podcast, which sat proudly at the top of the Australian podcast charts ending with a fan base spread around the globe. Rumour has it there is a new podcast in the midst for Michelle stepping out on her own, fingers crossed!
She can be found teaching her social media online course Social Pop throughout the year and working in her own marketing agency, helping others to tackle the world of online marketing successfully.
Michelle has a passion for working with non-for-profit organisations in her community, with a special place in her heart for mental health assistance and awareness.
Topping things off, she launched her curve plus size fashion line which was listed in the top ten percent of Shopify sites in the first six months from launching, because she was so dissatisfied with the fashion industry! Also, to have a personal experience with marketing her own products. Throw in an active family, two dogs and two horses; her obsession with coffee and cheeky margaritas are understandable.