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Dodgy Mike

Michael Yiannoudes

This is the story of Michael. Dodgy Mike features real, witty, comical stories about family, friends, rebellious youth, teenage pranks, travels and adulthood. The anecdotes are reminiscent of a John Hughes classic filled with a little nostalgia for those 1980s' kids. They are tales you can relate to but also the types of stories you can never imagine happening to you. They are laced with mirth and familiarity. You will find yourself travelling to Europe and meeting an axe man, jumping over a fence over a girl in a classic Romeo and Juliet parody, saving the city of Paris, crashing your car more than once, cheating in a marathon and nearly facing expulsion for egging an entire university campus. These stories will capture your hearts with the authenticity and uniqueness of the characters and experiences that you will remember for a long time. Michael is the lost storyteller of past and current generations.

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Michael always harboured the desire to become a professional Aussie Rules football player despite his lack of height, skill and speed. Instead, he settled for a not so mediocre life with many mishaps along the way.

Michael hopes his two daughters don't follow his lead and cause mayhem and trouble for their father, although he thinks genetics will ultimately prevail.

This book is Michael's first foray at writing and he was encouraged by family and friends to write his memoirs while he still has the memory to recall his adventures.