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No Trails to Mawson

Max Cutcliffe

When their yacht hits an iceberg, four friends suddenly find themselves fighting for survival. Having already detoured south to collect scientific samples, they then have to try and sail north to safety. With a hole in the hull and insufficient fuel in the pump, they are blown far off course, until they are wrecked on the Antarctic coast, on Scullin Monolith.
Their only hope of survival is to make the one-hundred-mile trip to the scientific base of Mawson Station. En route they not only have to compete with the inhospitable Antarctic weather and terrain, lack of food and sickness, they also have to outrun and outwit two illegal diamond miners hellbent on murdering them.

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Max Cutcliffe greww up in Tasmania, many parts of which were yet unexplored, many mountains still untrodden. His mother christened him ‘the wanderer' and wander he did, always in search of adventure or a higher mountain to climb. Thanks to his experience on high mountains and glaciers, he landed a job at Mawson Station in Antartica. Max spent two years at Mawson Station, assisting surveyors, glaciologists, botanists and geologists, who needed support while ascending mountains or traversing unknown ice fields. For his work in Antarctica, he was later awarded the Polar Medal and had a mountain named after him.