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Steal & Wright: The Adnegveill

Maureen Farenden

Known and respected around Treetop Village, Jason Kay has established a stainless repute over the years since he arrived penniless in the village. So, when he unexpectedly disappears without a trace, the city's finest cops are tasked to find him... or his body.
When Anne Kay, Jason's wife, fails to report his disappearance, she becomes the first suspect in Inspector Steal and Sergeant Wright's eyes. What follows is an intricate and suspenseful web of tales, a plethora of buried truth and where prey become the hunters and the hunter becomes prey. The detectives' quest to find the culprit leads them to discover that in the apparently structured life of the rich Jason Kay, there is a lot more than what meets the eye.

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Writing has always been Maureen's hobby and passion and she particularly loves stories that contain a murder, mystery, crime, psychological or supernatural element and has always wanted to invent a new detective duo who don't always comply with the ‘letter of the law', but choose right over wrong, which doesn't always side with the victim of the crime.
Having previously penned six other novels, lockdown presented the author with the perfect opportunity to write The Adnegveill, the first novel in a series of novels introducing Steal and Wright: two detectives, polls apart in personality yet as one in their search for ‘true justice'.
In her career, Maureen has worked as a librarian and volunteered as a radio presenter for Hospital Radio, which afforded her lots of insight into people's thoughts when she asked them why they picked a particular song that held such special memories for them.

Therefore, in Steal & Wright, she has also put some songs in that go with particular characters' past, present, emotions or memories, because, sometimes, music touches the parts of our emotions that no words can.