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Hunter Legacy

Marcos A. Bocanegra

A feast for sci-fi fans and fantasy buffs who love to imagine what the future might be like for humans as we advance by technological leaps and bound. The world of gamer freaks is brought to life in this adventure story that is also deeply mired in US military tradition, with all its one-upmanship, authoritarianism and love of ceremony. The ethos of the US Marine Corp is also explored in some depth, with its macho outlook and incredibly effective training methods that are the envy of most other military-type forces.
Courageous ‘earthlings' battle with interplanetary pirates while bracing themselves for the eventual war with an advanced alien species, referred to as The Plague, who are trying to take over the universe. Who will win the battle for the galaxy? Start reading and find out!

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Marcos A. Bocanegra is a veteran of the U.S. Army Military Police Corps and he spent over twelve years working in a government security agency. In addition to writing, Marcos continues to work as a security expert, traveling internationally to train security personnel. Marcos was born in Puerto Rico, but he spent his teenage years living in Florida. Currently, he resides in the Washington D.C. area.