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The Telltale


Robert and Katy meet when they are teenagers and become childhood sweethearts. Though they may have different ambitions for their careers, they love each other very much and want to spend their lives together, starting with university. Afterwards, their differing careers mean that they spend more time apart but are still very much together. Robert becomes a dedicated and successful teacher who cares about his students. Katy is on her way to becoming a very successful, and rich, lawyer.

Cracks begin to appear as their ideas of how a marriage works seem to differ. Will they make it through these tough times? And will Robert be content to always be the underdog?

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Nicholson left International Finance at the age of 46 with enough money to start travelling the world for fun.

He published his first book, Mr Tambourine Man, in 2017, written from his diaries detailing his adventures.

He then went on to write his first novel, The Telltale.

He has lived happily in Cornwall for the last 19 years with his loving wife Chrissie of 37 years and has a 28 year old daughter, Lauren, who he adores.