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Red Wine and White Lies

Dayna Duchovney

After years of being married to a man that spends his time drinking and camped out on the sofa watching T.V., Serena Rose doesn't feel special anymore. Then one day her car breaks down and the man who fixes it enters her life and makes her feel alive again. Ricardo Bello seems perfect: uncomplicated and devoted to her. So, when Serena's job takes her on a business trip to Ricardo's home country of Puerto Rico, they finally get to spend some quality time together. But on her arrival back home, Serena is in for a nasty shock.

Meanwhile Kevin, Serena's husband, has been acting even more strangely than usual. Secret conversations on the telephone that end as soon as she walks in the house make her wonder what he has been up to. And it looks like whatever it is might not be legal. Things turn dangerous as the company Kevin has been keeping, along with his growing hatred of his wife, mean that Serena and Ricardo's affair could cost them more than they bargained for.

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Dayna Duchovney grew up in London, later moving to the south eastern coast of England.

A working mother to four children, who loves to read an eclectic choice of books, she began writing as a hobby, and found she could lose herself just as easily in writing as in reading!

Dayna has a great love of travel and discovering new and exciting places and people with a great believe that life ALWAYS has more to give if you take a chance and just allow it.