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Kingdom In Peril: A Curious Fable

Lora Gridneva

The earth has been invaded by Antipodals from an enemy galaxy. Smelan, king of the earth, visits God who advises him to seek the help of the Superbiotechs, the Primleans, from the star, Prima.
The Primlean, Nuri, is Smelan's special guide as Smelan is forced to await events separated from his beloved wife, Lorella, children and grandchildren.
Will the Primleans succeed in getting rid of the Antipodals, in restoring Earth and humankind, in uniting Smelan once more with his people and his family? Can life on Earth ever be as it was?
This story, enchantingly told, is essentially about the eternal struggle between light and dark. Lora Gridneva involves her young readers and invites them to consider the part they might themselves play on the side of light. This is science fiction, a page turner with a spiritual dimension, and a jolly good read.

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I believe I was born with a passion not for ice cream but for space.
As far as I remember myself, I kept looking at the sky with the intricate clouds looking like funny characters or sometimes jumping, roaring animals. In a moment the pictures would transform into something different but just as entertaining.
Even more, I was fascinated by the night sky, full of the flickering stars of our galaxy - the Milky Way - the moon and the deepest darkness of the cosmos.
It is our home, isn't it? The beginning and the riddle of our lives are hidden there...
It gives endless opportunity to mankind for discoveries. Just be curious!
We had a quirky science teacher at school and we adored him. I am greatly thankful to the person who ignited my interest in science and laid the way for me to become a physicist.
I ended up working in a research centre after university and I loved each and every day of my job.
I hope the book will wake your imagination and shape your dreams on the way to discover more about our home - the Universe.