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Molly in Construction

Lisa Molloy

Follow Molly through the construction site and discover all of the day to day activities and the interesting people she meets along the way that help her do her job. Learn how they work together and what each person does in order to build an amazing structure. What problems do they come across and how do they overcome them? Welcome to the world of construction... one day you to might just be part of it. So step inside and see what the world has to offer, how exciting it can be and consider what you could build?


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I am a chartered civil engineering quantity surveyor working nationally and internationally as a part of a team delivering civil engineering projects. Now back at home I spend my time working alongside other industry professionals endeavouring to overcome the challenges the industry faces. One challenge we face now and in the future is the skills shortage. Having had such a varied and exciting career I would like to encourage children to explore the opportunities the constructing industry has to offer. The next generation can prosper and the industry can close the skills gap.