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Shaw Confrontation

Xavier Wallace

Agent Max ‘Prince' Shaw is finally taking some time off with his new partner Sam after months of hunting down the terrorists responsible for a catastrophic attack on Australian soil. But his well-earned break is cut short when he receives news of a sinister threat seeking to bring about a new world order.
Max and his team are sent on a wild ride across Europe, exchanging roles as both hunter and hunted as they try to outwit the terrorist organisation which is pulling the strings of global disorder.
When the terrorists are hiding in plain sight, who can you trust? When they seem unstoppable, how can you protect the innocent? And when they are holding all the cards, how can you deliver justice?
Max must rise up to confront his inner demons and halt this powerful menace in its tracks, before the world as we know it ends.

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Xavier Wallace was born and raised in regional New South Wales. He attended the University of Newcastle where he studied business, before moving to Canberra to work for the Australian Government in various fields for a decade. Xavier has an enthusiastic curiosity for politics, government, national security, journalism, philosophy and history. He is a strong advocate for equality and human rights, especially LGBTI+ rights. Live music, thriller novels and action movies are among his interests, as well as spending time with family and friends. Xavier Wallace is the author of the Max Shaw thriller series.