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Samphire Coast

Robert Greenfield

A daringly candid over-the-counter view by the owner of a unique boutique ‘staycation’. Robert Greenfield a former British fashion designer risks everything for a ‘No Going Back’ adventure that turns his and Michael Bell’s comfy city life upside down; as a dramatic new life beckons the budding hoteliers…After an awe-inspiring renovation of a rundown ancient house, the word quickly spreads and their books are FULL to overflowing. Anecdotes abound of the dreaded hotel inspector, and eye-popping ‘Guests from Hell’ that will have you laughing and gasping at their blatant turgid audacity...A real life Boy’s Own spirited ‘derring-do…’ epic roller coaster ride that will have you crying out for a sequel with these two uber-stylish hosts, and their urbane hippy dog, Barnaby-Boo. Entertaining, and spellbinding; maybe you will be packing your bags and heading for the hauntingly scenic North Norfolk coast…

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Robert Greenfield is a former international fashion designer, once dubbed ‘Britain's answer to the Italian Look', and a well-respected interior designer, whose work is often featured in the press.


In 2011 Robert's autobiography Samphire Coast - driven by his experiences of owning a quirky award-winning boutique B&B in North Norfolk - was published by Vanguard Press (Pegasus): it continues to be one of their best sellers.


Robert is currently working on a crime thriller, from his new woodland home on the North Norfolk coast: it's based on his dreams for a Worldwide Dog Protection Law.


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