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Not From Here

Leah Lax

"Leah Lax understands that everyone has a story and a secret. To experience this ourselves, we have only to read her utterly irresistible Not from Here."

"A masterwork! Brilliant, profound, heart-shattering, hopeful - I couldn't breathe! Not From Here is full of stories of people who hang onto hope, people who will not give up struggling for what could be, and it's all interspersed with Leah's own extraordinary journey. This is the kind of book that leaves you forever changed."
--CAROLINE LEAVITT, NYTimes bestselling author

"An amazing and powerful book of the struggles and triumphs of people from far away who we might have dismissed as 'other,' except that Leah edges them dexterously into our hearts."
--CHITRA DIVAKARUNI, American Book Award winner, author of The Last Queen

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When Leah Lax was asked to write an opera with composer Christopher Theofanidis to celebrate local immigrants, she sought out people willing to tell her about their journeys to the United States. The result was transformative. It was if she had discovered America, found its great, beating heart.
Lax has had a dual career as an author and a librettist. Her previous book - now an opera by composer Lori Laitman - is entitled Uncovered: How I Left Hasidic Life and Finally Came Home