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Wounded Love

M.E. Milne

Jacinta is twenty-four now and it's been eight years since she started working for Theodore at The Moonstone Room. She had been grateful then to get off the streets and into the relative safety of the brothel; the other girls were her friends and family. To the punters, she is known as Jade, her alter ego, who surfaces to satisfy the clients and protect Jacinta's mind from the sexual assaults on her body, not least of all from Theodore.

Then, one night, she is selected by Esmond, a rock star looking for more than just meaningless sex. He is trying to wean himself away from a life of casual sex, drugs and drink, to heal himself.

He becomes besotted with Jacinta as a person and realizes he cannot live without her; she, in turn, learns he is different from other men. A strong love develops between them, but is it enough to withstand the brutalities of the sex industry, the stigma of her past life and the influence of Jade?

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I began writing after reading S.E. Hinton's classic novel The Outsiders in high school. I would write romance novels for friends and family and incorporate music into them, another passion of mine. After an incident in 2011 that shook my life, I was inspired to once again aim for my ultimate dream career and prove to my children that they too could follow their own stars if they fought for it. I hope they can use my example to battle through anything life might throw at them and find what they love doing despite their issues with additional needs.