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Wolves In Our Houses

Tina Marie Sargent

From the largest hound to the tiniest toy dog, we all love our pet pooch. But they are not what they seem. They may be bred for domesticity but deep inside their DNA is a wolf, a wild animal.


This book shows, through anecdote and instruction, how we can tame the wolf as much as possible. By noticing how wolves function in the wild – their behaviour, hierarchy, and habits – we can go a long way to understanding how best to deal with their unruly moments, and how to integrate them into our own packs so they know their place and are comfortable with it.


Alongside these discussions can be found practical tips on animal care from the author, a professional with many years training and experience in dog obedience.


Wolves they may be, but the best parts of them can be brought out through love and attention.

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Tina Marie Sargent lives in Canada and with her driven pursuit to continue her education in the medical field she finally became successful, obtaining an extensive medical and veterinarian medical certifications. Enrolling in the Georgian College Veterinarian Technician course, she strived to understand the importance of the health and welfare of animals. With exposure over the last thirty-eight years she has learned about dogs and their behavior, and volunteered with shelter dogs to help them get permanent homes. She now dedicates her career to being a professional dog obedience trainer, and always a fellow canine lover.