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Welcome to Creeptown: The 400th Ween

S.R. Lee

Come meet the Creeps of Creeptown as they celebrate their 400th Ween, a very special day. To celebrate this year the Creeps will gather in the center of town in order to see the magic behind a locked door in their oldest tree. They say what's inside is the secret to everything wonderful and unique about each individual Creep. What's inside? Come on in and see for yourself. You're just in time to celebrate!

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S.R. Lee spent time crafting unique stories to read to her son growing up that she would love to pass along to new generations. Her love of Halloween came to be her inspiration for many of her stories and she wanted to craft a place for children to adventure year round to embrace that love. Creating her own stories at a very young age for her own and her family's amusement is a passion that has stayed with her to this day.