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The Truth?

Heather Jones

Shrouded in the chronicles of time is the ancient enigma of the Knights' Templar and their unfaltering allegiance to the Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ Dynasty and subsequent connections to one of the most sought after and pursued relics of all time... The Holy Grail. Many honorable men died protecting this sacred treasure; thousands were cruelly slaughtered for their non-conformist beliefs and devotion to the Magdalene name. Heinous crimes were instigated by power and greed from unscrupulous kings and ill-advised popes. And so, continuing through the centuries, this age-old story has continued to baffle and intrigue not just historians and theologians, but laymen alike.


This is a true account told to me by one such man of the latter type. It recalls a life-changing experience that happened purely by chance. It is an experience that has haunted him ever since. It is an experience that had to be told.


This amazing personal story is - to quote the narrator - "The Truth". Now you have to ask yourself... "But is it? Is this really the answer to the ancient mystery that has thwarted many through the ages or is it just another myth? Another fabrication?"


I will leave the conclusion up to you.

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I was born in Wolverhampton in 1944 but lived my early years in Hessle near Kingston upon Hull. At school I developed a keen interest in writing and won several awards. In 1962 I joined the Royal Air Force and it was at RAF Patrington, East Yorkshire where I met my husband, Lou. We moved to Newcastle upon Tyne in 1966, and I have lived here ever since. We have two children, three grandsons and a great granddaughter, the latter being a pure delight!

My first book, Prisoner on Prescription, (a true account of successful tranquilliser withdrawal) was first published in 1990 and is still on sale to this day.

The Truth? is my fourth book and was told to me by Louis Llewellyn Jones.