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The Spiky and Spiny Night Time Adventures of Nikky and Flick

Cass Stoddart

Come share in the spiky and spiny night time adventures of baby hedgehogs and best friends, Nikky and Flick.
Join Nikky and Flick as they are startled by a new and unusual night time sound.
The loud, unknown sound seems to fill the very air of their wispy wood home.
Follow them both, as they wander further, and explore deeper into the woods to search for the source of the never before heard sound.
Along the way meet Nikky and Flick's best friend as they take a night time journey of learning and discovery.

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I was born in Exeter in 1972. My love of writing only started a few years ago. I was first inspired by a book of poetry and short stories by Dylan Thomas, his detailed descriptive writing has been a great source of inspiration.

The Spiky and Spiny Night Time Adventures of Nikky and Flick is the first, in a series of children's stories I have written. This descriptive tale, draws on my love of the countryside. I am fortunate enough to Live near Dartmoor, and its rugged beauty continues to inspire me.