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The Seven Ladies: The Black Lady

Clara Cabrera

‘What are you up to?' Es asked with narrowed eyes.
Gweren lifted her chin with a strange glint in her eyes, dangerous, deadly.
‘I want you to do some work for me,' she began slowly. ‘I want you to make sure that the people I point to you disappear.'
Es crossed her arms, nodding coldly.
‘You and I don't exist,' she repeated. ‘It's the perfect plan.'
‘You were right when you said we could be great one day and control our own destiny,' Gweren said. They say that an elf's eyes are the windows to the soul, and Gweren's eyes were filled with ice and hatred. The room seemed to shrink behind both girls.
‘In the name of the Seven Ladies,' Es said, closing the conversation.
‘In the name of the Seven Ladies,' Gweren replied, a monstrous smile spreading across her face.

The story starts just where the first book left. Upon completing their studies at SpringStorm Academy, the Seven Ladies set off to take their plan into action. It's time to put into practice the magic they learnt.

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A visual artist and writer, Clara Cabrera graduated in Fine Arts in 2015 from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. She has participated in exhibitions around the world performed live painting shows in Europe. She loves anything creative and enjoys trying out new things; painting, books, songs, languages. She also loves to travel and says, "There is nothing I enjoy more than jumping on a plane and landing somewhere else. The unknown can be so inspiring! My world is a vortex of all of that."