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The Quest for the Last Coconut

Graham Badrock

Was it the need to escape another freezing cold Victorian winter from his hometown of Bright and sitting on some beach with thousands of locals doing the same thing? Finally arriving at Hervey Bay on the Queensland coast, being located next to a man who was obsessed with polishing his chrome tow ball, and on the other side was a man who felt the need to tell his long-suffering wife how to iron his clothes.
Experiencing the joys of having a young puppy who caught a dose of diarrhoea in the middle of the night in their caravan, and the associated trips out into the darkness to assist his needs.
A bit of family bonding with a son, who was obsessed with fishing, even in the middle of a storm, five hours, no fish, and didn't even catch a cold.
Corona may come and go, but there is always tomorrow.

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Graham Badrock, throughout his working life, always had the desire to experience what was outside his own pocket of bliss. Living in one of Australia's most beautiful and popular holiday towns, Bright, the need to escape the hordes of visitors who invade the alpine region for twelve months a year was the catalyst to go exploring. The opportunity came when he and his wife, Karen, retired from their bed and breakfast after almost two decades; they were off. Having raised their children, it was time to escape, and see what all the fuss was about. As someone once said, ‘travel knows no boundaries, it's just the potholes in the road that get in the way'.