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The Golden Calf

Terry Dressler

Elysium is the last town created on the southern coast of California. It was a fitful and difficult birth and resulted in a community of unique beauty, wealth, and privilege. Yet still, despite the apparent perfection of the design, the architectural refinement, the whole enforced ambience of the town, it is not immune to drama and tragedy, conflict and poverty.

A working-class District Attorney Investigator sifts through the evidence and a cast of narcissistic characters to find the truth about a death on an otherwise idyllic and pristine beach. In his search for the truth, he finds a complex milieu of motivation and obsession; and in the final analysis, he discovers his own peace.

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Terry Dressler is the author of the short story collection Oil and Water: Stories from the Windward Shore and the novel The Rustle of Donald Cooley's Bull. He grew up the son of an Air Force officer and, before graduating from high school in Ventura, California, lived in the Western, Midwestern and Southern United States, Spain, the Philippine Islands and Hawaii. After taking a degree in political science at the University of California Santa Barbara, Terry had a thirty-three-year career in air quality management in Southern and Central California, retiring as the director of the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District. He and his wife live in the small town of Goleta, California, near Santa Barbara, where they raised two daughters. Currently, Terry surfs and hikes and writes.