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The Fountain of The Four Rivers

H.G. Wilson

Secrets, obsessive love, a miracle, and destiny skewed by the inevitable unfolding of future events, seeded in the long distant past.
George Lancaster learns the meaning of love and stolen wealth, and he learns how to kill.
Finally facing his destiny, he looks forward to what the future holds but, as he will soon find out, with unseen forces set against him, fate has other plans!

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H. G. Wilson has been a child labourer, factory worker, builder, mechanic, gardener, computer programmer, software designer and systems architect. He has slept in a car with a cat in the crook of his legs as she birthed her kittens in the night, swam inner-city canals with rats, and witnessed the glory of a sunrise at Helvellyn summit in the Lake District of his England. With a confirmed love of our beautiful world, his debut novel Citizen I is his song for the planet. He shares a happy home with his wife and their two beautiful daughters in Cheshire.