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The Divine Destiny

Danny Curtis

A young Templar knight discovers that he is the last of his order. He has been tasked by his dying commander and mentor to deliver three letters to powerful allies in the east. These letters, unbeknown to him, carry the message that he will play a crucial role in saving the world from the evil intentions of Ignus Mare, a brutal and tyrannical organisation. They also tell of an evil that is brewing inside the young knight, a force which is struggling to control him.
He is accompanied on his travels by Longan Longtongue, the Holy Sword, who protects the young knight and teaches him valuable skills. They meet many people along the way, and various travelling companions join the quest as the journey becomes ever more perilous, but some are not who they appear to be.
This epic tale of gallantry, loyalty, betrayal and battles fought is a page turner that will keep you gripped until the final sentence.

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Who I am doesn't matter, what matters is you find something amongst these pages.