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The Dancing Tree

Michelle Wasserman

Trevor is an African baobab tree who dreams of being able to dance. On full moon nights, while his family is sleeping, he watches the people in the valley below dance, twirl and clap around their campfire and he is filled with longing.

But Trevor's roots anchor him so strongly into the soil that he doesn't think he would ever be able to free himself. Until, that is, he gets a strange visitor who asks him a question: how does he know he can't dance until he has really tried?

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Michelle Wasserman was born in 1973 in Pretoria, South Africa. Wasserman holds a master’s degree in Human Rights Law and, before entering politics, she worked as an Advocate of the High Court. She became a politician in 2011 and was elected Deputy Mayor of the coastal town of Knysna in South Africa. She consulted to the South African Human Rights Commission between 2015 and 2018 after which she returned to politics.