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The Christ Killer: New York

Brandan S.S. Bourne

FBI Agent, Mikaela Straker, is thrown into the case of a lifetime after receiving a phone call from a male called 'John', who soon captures the City's attention as he embarks on a murderous crusade, frustrating the FBI's search for his hapless captives with a series of cryptic clues strewn across New York and beyond.


As cruel biblical type scenes unfold for his victims, he forces a reluctant professor to showcase ground-breaking evidence that there never was a Son of God on Earth some 2,000 years ago. But to what end will the Captor go to destroy Christianity or bring New York City to its knees in the trying? As he raises the question - Has the ceiling to our existence this religion created just collapsed?


Praise for The Christ Killer

'Move over, Da Vinci Code, this Mach-speed FBI thriller out paces you

and is way more controversial.' - Geoff Nelder

'This thriller has Big Screen potential dripping off every page.' - Bold Puppy Productions


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The author has been involved in criminal law for over twenty years. He has an up-to-date working knowledge of crime investigation techniques and has spent over five years researching scientific and religious material to create this work.