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The Bee Polisher

William B. Taylor

The bees in the kingdom of Bumblonia were doing quite nicely until Malicia, in her glass wellington boots, became the Queen. If being sat on wasn't bad enough, then the idea of being arrested by a friendly local bee collection officer and spending time in a dark, dreary dungeon was certainly a bee's worst nightmare.

One misfortune can change life dramatically if it involves little knowledge of how nature plays a pivotal role in everyday life. Surely just because bees are not mentioned in a good book, it doesn't make them demons? If you tell people something enough times, they start to believe you! Even if yesterday they knew better.

How can we reverse the impending doom? Maybe a very small person with a gift for polishing may just do the trick.

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William Taylor was born long ago, near the sleepy village of Manchester, in the land of England.


He was born in the traditional manner - naked in a room full of strangers. Before long, he was educated - and very quickly learned the basics of tying both shoelaces and a tie.


He became a man and took himself a wife (he didn't steal one, he got married). Now he likes to write down his silly thoughts and musings, occasionally wondering what happened to the boy he once was...