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Star of the South

Gordon d'Venables

A young Indigenous Australian boy, Mokiny, from a background based on natural, spiritual values and ways of behaviour, and Bruce, a white Australian boy, whose father does little to encourage his son to walk the right path, become great friends. As they grow older, Bruce veers away from his friend's moral culture and innate knowledge of the bush and becomes a callous criminal. As Bruce (now a hardened, racist thug) sinks yet deeper into crime, he commits an unthinkable act. How will the Indigenous community of Cottam Mills deal with their grief and loss?

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Gordon d'Venables was born and grew up in Australia and has been, inter alia, a farmhand, soldier, teacher, lawyer, and businessman. For some years he even dabbled in politics and was a member of parliament and minister of the crown.

As a lawyer with predominantly international clients, he is widely travelled. The combination of his employment history, life experiences - including dealings and interaction with law enforcement agencies, the military, and global businesses - and extensive travel, has enriched his work.