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Return to Yellow Dykes

Valentine Jones

Tom Steelpens returns to Yellow Dykes with one mission in mind: to take back what rightly belongs to his family. With the help of his cousin Josephine, Tom delves back into the past to trace the reasons behind the confiscation of his ancestors' land, and uncovers corruption on a huge scale.


Return to Yellow Dykes highlights the corruption and greed of those in power, the arrogance of the rich and educated who deceive the poor and uneducated forcing them into deeper poverty while they profit from their destitution.


In an attempt to expose and bring those responsible to account and to right the wrongs of the past, Tom Steelpens boldly returns to his roots. Will his voice be heard or will it be stifled by money and power?

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Valentine Jones was born in 1927 and left school aged fourteen having failed his 11+. He began his working life in heavy steel rolling mills where he became proficient at driving electric ground crane and overhead gantries. After being made redundant he entered the mining industry where he stayed for sixteen years before being made redundant again.

Owing to spinal inuries he then became registered disabled and undertook voluntary work with the Alzheimer's Society and The Salvation Army. Due to his disabilities he was complelled to refrain and became semi-housebound. In 2004 he enlisted with DACE, Department of Adult Continued Education at the University College Swansea, studying story and screen play writing.

He achieved first place in the 'First City of Swansea-Bay Film Festival' in 2006 for his script 'Return to Courtland Towers' which he has now made into a screen play called 'Tom Bart's Revenge'.