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Rosanna Moss

An ancient stone, an epic journey, some well-known historical figures and a small stuffed dog are all linked in this ambitious adventure.

Driven to steal something he finds irresistible, the orphaned Mr Nichols then loses his prize, and spends many years tracking it down and trying to get it back. On this quest, he discovers that perhaps other things are more precious, such as becoming part of a family for the first time. The mysterious opal has an agenda and history of its own. Choosing its guardians carefully, it is sometimes held in the right hands and sometimes not.

As it journeys through the ages, it passes through the hands of many familiar names and places, working its magic. Meanwhile, in the present day, a stuffed toy dog surprises and delights its new owner by showing rather more signs of life than is usual.

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Rosanna was born in Bristol and currently lives in Peterborough. Married, with two grown-up children (both of whom have now flown the nest) and a recently arrived first granddaughter, she divides her time between
home life in the United Kingdom and the family villa in Spain. Rosanna enjoys reading, writing, listening to music, keeping on top of the gardening and producing homemade cooking.


Perkins is her first novel.