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Alexander Neilson

Asha is one of India's many polio victims, with nothing better than a pole to hop
around his native Nagpur.

Fate takes a hand in the form of Robert, businessman and philanthropist. Father of a disabled child, Robert is minded to help - with polio uppermost in his mind. Robert
offers to fund an operation that could change Asha's
life in ways he cannot imagine.

For a new life brings new challenges. Able to attend university in a foreign land, will Asha land on his feet now he can walk, or will he stumble in his studies, slip up when
socialising, fall flat in wheelchair sports and be wrong-footed by
racial prejudice?

To see how far a handicapped person can go in life, and how near and yet how
far life with a disability compares to that of the
able-bodied, Opportunities will open eyes as
well as hearts.


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My background is as a practitioner in business and information technology in various management roles over four decades. In more recent times, I have specialised in strategy and analytics as an independent consultant.
I was an active sportsman, playing cricket, football (the round ball), golf and squash. A few years ago, I took an interest in horse racing and have had shares in a number of horses, some more successful than others. I am a member of the Melbourne Racing Club and attend race meetings whenever possible with my daughter.
I am also a keen theatre goer, a member of the Arts Centre Melbourne and the National Gallery of Victoria.
Now, in semi-retirement, I have turned my hand to writing. This is my first publication after a number of drafts.