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Julia's Secret

Valerie Attard

When Julia was younger, she fervently wrote down her ideas, thoughts and feelings into her diaries and now, many years later, she is revisiting her diaries and what has altered, and questioning whether her life turned out the way she had hoped.

Now, a loving wife and mother Julia yearns for the day she can get her career back on track. She has lived in her safe bubble for over a decade, that is until one day Sophia walks into her life, and turns it upside down. The close bond between Julia and Sophia begins to have an impact on Julia's family life, so while Julia is relaxing at home over the Christmas holidays, she is determined to put her family first, but a knock on her door in the middle of the night changes Julia's and Sophia's lives forever.

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Valerie Attard was born and raised in Malta. Following a career in Journalism and Finance, Valerie took the leap and has written her first novel following the birth of her third child. The novel is set in Nailsea in the UK, where Valerie lived for a brief period during her childhood.