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A.L. Frances

Matthew's life has never been the same since his wife, Lauren, tragically died. His only comfort is his daughter, Eve, and the corporate empire he built with his wife, which now sustains them both.

When Matthew meets Jess, he isn't sure he's ready to bring another woman into his life - especially as Eve finds this hard to accept. But Jess is irresistible and he quickly falls for her charm and wit, eager to bring some normality back to his family life.

Hallucinations begin to plague Matthew - visions of a dark, dangerous entity - and he begins to wonder if he moved on too soon and is losing his mind, or if he really is witnessing something supernatural.

Questioning his sanity, he visits the doctor, convinced he has a sleep disorder, but the visions just keep coming. The Dark Empress is always there, and she's even been paying Eve a visit too...

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My purpose for writing the series of Homewrecker novels extends above and beyond just wanting to write a gripping close to home story.

On occasions, I’ve picked up books and been unable to portray what the writer has so beautifully written for me. Then, when I’ve found a book I’ve loved and read it to the end, the sense of achievement is immeasurable. I believe everyone should embrace this emotion when they read.

My desire is for you to feel just as wonderful when you reach the end of this novel, as I’ve written this wholeheartedly for you!