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Here I Go Again

Meg J. Parry

Laurel, now in her late forties, used to be Lawrence. Leaving her London banking career behind, she becomes engaged to Adrian, the man she has longed for. How will his teenagers take the news? And will she keep her naturally rampant libido under control? As new people pop into her new life, the temptations are great.

"Please don't play around, Laurel, if we're going to be together. I can't go through that again," Adrian said, so earnestly that Laurel thought about her response for a moment.
"I won't, Adrian. I don't want to screw this up like all the others."
"I promise," she said, kissing his lips softly. "But I can still look," she giggled.

Looking seems to be second-nature to Laurel. Can she keep her promise to the man she intends to marry and maintain his children's trust?

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Born in Liverpool, though brought up in East Lancashire, Meg J. Parry spent many childhood holidays in Lytham St Anne's.
After working for a major bank for fourteen years in Lancashire and London, she spent many years entertaining and doing musical therapy with Alzheimer's and dementia patients, alongside presenting local history tours and managing a theatre on the south coast.
Resident in Malta since 2007, she teaches English as a foreign language. The author plays the organ in a local church; she has written for the theatre, and has published books on theatre history and a novel.